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Obtaining a student visa



Obtaining a study visa is subject to two conditions: the presentation of a letter of acceptance from the university applied for, on the one hand, and the payment of tuition fees, on the other hand. The letter of acceptance is issued upon presentation of the baccalaureat, the bachelor’s degree, the master’s degree or an equivalent diploma and a medical certificate attesting to the candidate’s good health.

It is very important to start the registration process in Romanian universities in time. The academic year includes only one re-entry in this country. Except in medicine where it takes place in mid-September, most universities have their return in early October.

Registration at Romanian universities does not require a bank guarantee or a sponsor at the time of the interview.



1st stage: obtaining an acceptance letter


How to obtain an acceptance letter?

Depending on the wanted studies and the diplomas required to undertake them, the student must provide:

– completed registration forms;

– 1 certified copy of the required diplomas;

– 1 certified copy of the birth certificate;

– 1 copy of the country’s passport and identity document;

– 4 photos passport type;

– 1 medical certificate attesting that the candidate is fit to continue his studies in Romania;

– proof of residence;

– the statement of the diploma required;

– Paying the application fee;

All these documents have to be translated in Romanian and certified


2nd stage: once the acceptance letter obtained, the student must pay the tuition fee.



3rd stage: The appointment at the Embassy.


Where to make the visa request?

At the closest Romanian Embassy, or at the one accredited for the area in which the student resides.